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Why are you Paying your Mobile Phone Bills?

No more pay your mobile phone bill and allow your mobile phone to earn for it.

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Now you can earn from your mobile phone. You get paid to read SMS in your inbox and to send SMS. You also get benefitted with free gifts, free coupons, free mobile applications and free mobile game downloads. Also you can send free SMS to any country without ads in it.

Yes, you get this all without investing any money. To get all this benefits you just need to sign up in mobile marketing websites listed here in this website. Don't be afraid. Registration is Free.

Advertisers are moving to mobile, where they can target customers personally. As ads reach personally through mobile, mobile marketing websites like YouMint and mGinger thought about sharing their revenue to customers too. And so by joining them you earn a share of money they earn.

Never Pay to Earn From Mobile


Why they Pay You?

We all know about the power of adverting. All advertisers are looking for different advertisement opportunities and different methods to attract more customers to their products. Huge amount of money is spending by them for advertising their products and services. Mobile companies and other mobile marketers make profits by sending such SMS to their users. But majority of mobile users like you get irritated to get these type of advertising SMS send to mobile inbox. You get advertisements regarding products and services that they do not interested. You get lot of such SMS a day and waist your valuable time reading such annoying advertisement SMS and you are not getting any benefits.

Here came the new mobile marketers like YouMint and mGinger. They believe in the word 'Customer is the King'. They thought, as they can make money by sending SMS to mobile users, why can't share that earning with their users? . So users will be happy to get advertising SMS in their mobile than getting annoyed.

From Now You Will Love to Get Advertising SMS in your Inbox

How you Get Earned?

After successfully registering with mobile advertising websites like mGinger and YouMint, they will provide you an online account in their website where you can set your preferences and check your money earned. After verifying your mobile number and email id, they will sent advertisings SMS about new products and services to your mobile number given while Sign Up. You will get 1 to maximum of 10 or 20 SMS a day containing such advertisements from different advertisers. You earn 25 paise or more for each and every SMS you receive in your mobile from them. This earning is accumulated in your website account and can be withdrawn while it reaches a minimum amount of Rs 300. They pay this by check or by online payment direct to your bank account. The number of SMS send to you may vary on availability of ads and also based on your given interests and location specified in your website account.

Mobile earning programs from mGinger, youmint etc guarantee complete privacy to your personal data and to your mobile number. It will not be shared to anyone without permission. So even females can join these programs without fear of getting abused through their phone numbers.


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